Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Moment In Time Comes Together

As many of you know, I work from home. Though it has its drawbacks, it’s one of the most wonderful things I’ve ever experienced. For the most part, I get to make my own hours, unless there are a multitude of things to do with equally important deadlines. There are many advantages to working at home but one of the biggest, and most important to me, is listening to music and blasting the crap out of a song when one hits the shuffle in my iTunes.

As I sit here writing this, the sky has clouded over and darkened. It’s raining. Sweet, beautiful, cleansing rain. And just as all that happened, iTunes did what it usually does. It shuffled into a song that seemed to have nothing to do with the last but everything to do with this one moment. The song? Let The Sunshine In from the Broadway musical “Hair.” It gave me goosebumps and brought tears to my eyes. For some reason, words I’ve heard hundreds of times really sank in and made me realize something I hadn’t noticed before. Just as the mid-to-late 60s were an incredibly tumultuous time, so too is the age we’re living in. And just as one generation fought to retain control on the majority of society back then, so it is now. History once again repeats itself.

No one likes change but I think the message in the song is very powerful. I don’t know why I never heard it before. It’s not hippie-dippie shit as some might say. And there’s nothing New Age about it. Spiritual perhaps but definitely not religious. I think the message of the 60s generation was about embracing a new world of thought and ideals. A world of peace, of putting down arms, of bringing our men and women home. A new world in which we lay down our differences, hold hands and walk boldly into a new future where we’re all the same. What a wonderful world that would be! Imagining it takes my breath away.

Let The Sunshine In

Soldier 1:
We starve-look
At one another
Short of breath
Walking proudly in our winter coats
Wearing smells from laboratories
Facing a dying nation
Of moving paper fantasy
Listening for the new told lies
With supreme visions of lonely tunes

Soldier 2:
Inside something there is a rush of
Who knows what stands in front of
Our lives
I fashion my future on films in space
Tells me secretly

Manchester England England
Manchester England England
(Ensemble:Eyes look your last)
Across the Atlantic Sea
(Arms take your last
And I'm a genius genius
(And lips oh you the
doors of breath)
I believe in God
(Seal with a righteous kiss)
And I believe that God believes in Claude
(Seal with a righteous kiss)
That's me, that's me, that's me
(The rest is silence,
The rest is silence,
The rest is silence)

Singing our space songs on a spider web sitar
Life is around you and in you
Answer for Timothy Leary, dearie

Let the sunshine
Let the sunshine in
The sunshine in
Let the sunshine
Let the sunshine in
The sunshine in
Let the sunshine
Let the sunshine in
The sun shine in…

And here’s a little something for you to ponder. As I finish this quickie post and put it up on blogger, the sky is clearing and the sunshine, like in the song, is coming in.

I love when moments like this come together. It proves to me that once again nothing is random. Everything happens for a reason. Everything fits and it will all work out.

If only we let it.