Monday, February 27, 2012

Welcome To The BearTalk Blog Hop Kick-Off!

We all know what a bear is. I'm sure you've seen the late 60s television show Gentle Ben. Or maybe you've seen the nearly-silent movie called The Bear? What about Disney's animated features, Brother Bear or the beloved Baloo in the now-classic Jungle Book? They're all cute, cuddly and sometimes unpredictable; at times even ferocious.

But guess what? You know those sexy, furry men in your life? The ones sadly lacking in the m/m genre? Well, they're known as bears, too. Deanna Wadsworth has pulled together a group of writers, readers, and admirers of the hirsute male to open your mind and expose some pelt.

Here to kick off BearTalk, a week-long event devoted to the growling sensuality of bears cavorting in your bed, is the lovely and talented, Louisa Bacio. Be sure you give it up at the end of the post and show her some love in the form of a comment. You'll be entered to win a very special prize, courtesy of Louisa herself.

Okay, bella signorina. Take it away!


From Smooth-Sailing to Fur-Tastic

Shaved, smooth and slick. When I first met my husband, and saw him sans-shirt, not a strand of hair adorned his sculpted chest.

Then the months passed by, and he got prickly, and then outright furry. He confessed that he used to shave, after being influenced by his muscle-building buddies in the military. (Things that make you go, hmmm.) I told him that I liked him au naturel.

The added friction was fine by me. There’s nothing sexier than that love trail that leads directly to a hot treasure package. And, imagine me blushing over here as I admit this turn-on, rubbing against a hairy chest feels pure divine.

As inspiration for this blog, I slaved through photos to illustrate some sexiness. For instance, this specimen definitely doesn’t carry his weapon half-cocked.

What’s your favorite body part? In addition to a steamy stomach and chest, I also like biceps, and rocking calves. But, would you pass up these oh-so-yummy thighs?

Hell to the no. Oh, can you almost feel licking that calf bulge?

Within my own writing, I haven’t directly addressed the bear obsession, and suddenly I’m feeling like a sensory element has been left out. Here’s a teaser on my m/m erotic paranormal, The Vampire & The Werewolf: A New Orleans Christmas.

Vampires and werewolves don’t mix … or do they?

Before there were three, there were two. When a vampire swoops in to save Trevor from a rogue gang’s blood sport, the werewolf must fight his own inhibitions. The magic of New Orleans and the holiday season bring together these two unlikely lovers.

Thanks so much for hosting me, Johnny. It’s been a pleasure dropping in for a chat. So tell me, what’s either the best thing or worst thing about a furry partner? I’m sponsoring a $10 gift certificate to Ravenous Romance for one commenter. Make sure to leave a valid email address so the winner can be contacted. And, please visit the other authors on our tour, check out the full schedule Bear Talk Blog Hop.

For more Bear Talk today, go see Silvia Violet at DC Juris (


Louisa Bacio

Friday, February 17, 2012

For The Love of Bears

If you like your men on the beefy and hairier side, join us February 27 through March 2 for BearTalk, a blog hop for readers, writers, and general enthusiasts in admiration of the hirsute male.

Below is the most recent schedule of the participants. Please note, dates are subject to change. Links to individual blogs will soon follow.

Mon FEB 27
Louisa Bacio will be here at my blog.
Silvia Violet will be at Deanna Wadsworth's blog.

Tues FEB 28
Kayla Jameth will be at Ike Rose's blog.
Johnny Miles will be at Silvia Violet's blog.

Wed FEB 29
Margie Church will be at Damon Suede's blog.
Hank Edwards will be at Kayla Jameth's blog.

Thurs MAR 1
Deanna Wadsworth will be at Hank Edwards' blog.
Tom Webb will be at Louisa Bacio's blog.

Fri MAR 2
Ike Rose will be at Margie Church's blog
Damon Suede will be at Deanna Wadsworth's blog.

We hope you'll come spend time with us and maybe discover a few new things!