Friday, February 17, 2012

For The Love of Bears

If you like your men on the beefy and hairier side, join us February 27 through March 2 for BearTalk, a blog hop for readers, writers, and general enthusiasts in admiration of the hirsute male.

Below is the most recent schedule of the participants. Please note, dates are subject to change. Links to individual blogs will soon follow.

Mon FEB 27
Louisa Bacio will be here at my blog.
Silvia Violet will be at Deanna Wadsworth's blog.

Tues FEB 28
Kayla Jameth will be at Ike Rose's blog.
Johnny Miles will be at Silvia Violet's blog.

Wed FEB 29
Margie Church will be at Damon Suede's blog.
Hank Edwards will be at Kayla Jameth's blog.

Thurs MAR 1
Deanna Wadsworth will be at Hank Edwards' blog.
Tom Webb will be at Louisa Bacio's blog.

Fri MAR 2
Ike Rose will be at Margie Church's blog
Damon Suede will be at Deanna Wadsworth's blog.

We hope you'll come spend time with us and maybe discover a few new things!

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