Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Cafe Au Lait

So my first foray out into the Big Easy has, so far, been wonderful. The weather is balmy, with no humidity. In fact, the weather was perfect as I stepped out of the hotel and onto the street to venture out to Cafe du Monde.

I had my cafe au lait (sorry, can't remember where the accents go) and plate of beignets. And can I just say? They were DEE-licious. See for yourself. I do believe I might have to pay a few more visits before returning home.

There are certainly a lot of run-down looking people here but it seems to fit the city. It is old. As is, I think, the hotel. It just has a haunted vibe to it. Like someone's watching. From the outside, it really doesn't look like much.

The inside, however, is very pretty.

After walking around a few blocks and just soaking up the atmosphere, I stopped off at a small and funky sit-down deli. I think it was called the Royal Deli. I had a turkey sandwich with goat cheese spread and something I've never had, or heard of, before: sweet potato salad. It was really good! The waitress reminded me a lot of Zooey Deschanel but much taller. Same voice, too!

And now I'm back at the hotel. I hope to start some editing and then, in about an hour, head to the room where the GLR coordinators are stuffing goodie bags.


  1. I Can't WAIT!! And we are meeting up for the delicious beignets. It looks lovely!

  2. Wow, you know the staircase does look like somewhere a ghost might show up! Very nice pictures Johnny, thanks for sharing.

  3. @Michele: I think you're going to have an absolute blast.

  4. @Robert: Yeah, the moment I walked past I got a really eerie vibe. Weird, I know, but there it is. Glad you liked!

  5. I am not jealous. I'm not. Okay I am. lol. Looks like a great start to what promises to be an even greater weekend. Have fun Johnny!

  6. Looks wonderful! I haven't been to NO since I was wayyy too young to be in NO. Is it sparking any story ideas? HAve fun, Johnny.